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22 Shocking Violin Facts

A horse peed on your bow hair! and 21 more interesting violin facts. Did you know this about your violin? The violin is over 500 years old! Although no one knows for sure, historians believe that the very first violin was made by Andrea Amati in the 1500s. He created at least 2 three-stringed violins […]

Online Gaming: As the Saying Goes

The best things in life are always free. Or so think the youth of the world we all live in. You may wish to argue on the authenticity of the above statement, but there is no doubt about the fact that as far as online gaming is concerned, this saying holds true; be it for […]

Elektrische scooters met vier wielen

Het kiezen van de elektrische scooter met vier wielen is eenvoudig als u weet welke punten u moet onthouden bij het controleren van uw product in een showroom. Lees onderstaande tips en volg ze om de beste deal te krijgen. Je moet wat tijd besteden voordat je een elektrische scooter met vier wielen koopt, want […]

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