Bose Companion 3 Speakers: Are You Getting Value For Your Money?

When you think of speakers, immediately the brand Bose comes to mind. Bose are so well known for its speakers which is no small wonder that the same quality can be expected from Bose companion 3 speakers.

Bose has released in the fall the Companion 3 series and added it to their catalog of high quality and consumer specific speakers. Not content with that, bose trade in program innovated on its appearance and design and came up with the release of Bose companion 3 series 2.

Before the release of this line of speaker series, Bose introduced to us superb multimedia collection like the Triport headphones, MediaMate and the QuietComfort headphones series. Following the tradition of high quality products, we can expect top notch features that’s designed to meet specific needs of consumers in Bose companion 3 specifications and design.

First off, the feature which I believe makes this speaker stand out from all the others is its multiple input. It has an auxiliary input as well as headphone jock aside from its main input. This simply means that you can hear 2 sources of sound all at the same time!

Aside from this, Bose companion 3 also features an a control pod which you can manipulate to put the system in either the stand by mode or completely muted. This works well especially if you’re using multiple inputs for different sound source.

Furthermore, the system also features an Acoustimass module with volume control. This is used to manipulate the high and low frequencies. I would also like to note that the highs has a top notch clarity to it and the lows are very impressive as well.

Overall, I would say that if you are a Bose fan or you’re a speaker fanatic and you’ve been satisfied with the quality and value of previous Bose products, you can be assured that you’re getting the same value in Bose companion 3 as well.


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