Homes With Recording Studios

This isn’t a new concept. Anyone who saw the Barbra Streisand movie A Star Is Born back in the late 70’s knows that there were early homes that had recording studios within the home. What has changed is technology that allows some of these celebrities to keep the size of a recording studio down, while still retaining the acoustics and sound purity that it takes to make a professional recording.

The thing that starts home Music recording studio production in today’s world is the sound. These homes need to do a few things. One, they need to contain the sound within its environment as much as possible so that it doesn’t bother anyone else. Two, it needs to be able to reflect certain sounds back, creating a partial “live” sound that people love to hear in their music. And three, it needs to be able to bar any outside sounds from bleeding into the room so that it doesn’t mess up the recordings.

After that, the next thing these owners have to decide is just what the purpose of their home recording studio is for. If they’re mixing CDs or music, they might need more equipment and electronics than someone who creates books on tape, or even someone who does radio programs from their home, which many top radio hosts do nowadays. The more equipment needed the more space that’s needed to contain all of that equipment.

Many top musicians living in the Los Angeles County area have recording studios in their homes. We would expect people like Stevie Wonder and Quincy Jones to have them. Ray Charles had one in his house to practice with, though he also owned an offsite studio where he recorded most of his work, since he liked to record with a live band.

However, nowadays celebrities who are known for things other than music are starting to either build recording studios or buy houses that have them. Some are selling them also, such as Keifer Sutherland, who converted his loft into a recording studio for his own record label, Ironworks. Other celebrities whom you might not have thought about having home recording studios include Natalie Portman and Paris Hilton.

Of course, the majority of stars that have them are music stars, including Miley Cyrus, who’s father Billy Ray had one built in their home on her 16th birthday. Both Britney Spears and Christina Aguilera have recording studios in their homes, as well as Jennifer Lopez and Marc Anthony. The musician Moby bought an entire mansion so he could turn the whole guesthouse into a large home recording studio.

However, people other than stars have built smaller recording studios in their homes, and there are plenty of these homes on the market for anyone looking to buy a home that already has one built. Make sure you check out both the equipment and the size of the recording studio if you purchase one; it’s possible that the previous owners might have skimped on some of the quality for the price.


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