How to Make More Money Than You Ever Thought Possible

There are many ways to actually earn money, the possibilities are limitless. What you will learn, however, is that it is not so much what choice you make or what enterprise or business you choose, as it is the way you approach money, your attitudes, energy and thoughts around it.

As we know, there are business people with enormous business failures, just as there are individuals who have turned lower paying incomes into small empires for themselves. Let us take a look at the different ways to make money, so that you can begin to get a grasp on how to create enormous success in your own lives.

Strategy 1: Your J.O.B. (or Just Over Broke)

Do not get me wrong; up into recently this is how most of us made our income. This is beginning to change, however, as longevity and loyalty in corporations no longer exists, and many of us have already been laid off or let go and are scrambling to find ways to make money fast. This is opening incredible doors of possibilities to make more money than ever, especially with the thousands of new opportunities opening up on the internet. Especially for moms that are in situations where they need or want to make money quick the internet has become a savior.

Having said that, if you still have a job, that is great, there is absolutely nothing wrong with that, and for many of us, our jobs are lucrative and fulfilling. (The best way to start making money online or from and other enterprise, is keep your job full time, while you are making your part-time fortune)!

This J.O.B. category tends to be the most stable of the 3 categories in many respects. You know where you are going each day and pretty much what to expect.

The challenge, however, is that someone else is putting a cap on your earning income. Ask yourself, are you being paid what you are worth? In most cases, the answer will be No. Your employer or boss has deemed what your title or job designation is worth, and is paying you accordingly.

The other challenge with a job is that you are trading hours for dollars. Very often with commuting we are putting in 10 hour days away from home, and making small hourly wages for that time.

In a Job, we are unable to work smarter not harder, which is the ultimate goal with money generation. Our money is not working for us, we are working for our money. In a job, we are unable to earn while we sleep, vacation, or lie on a beach. This is all possible and what should be strived for in having your own business and being a Chief Executive Mommy!

Strategy 2: Making Money with Money

This is the investment strategy, or generating money with money.

Examples of this are day trading, Forex trading, gold investing, etc.

This can be a wonderful way to make money when and if you already have the money to invest. We have also learned, mostly as of lately with the economy and stock markets, that this can also put you on a financial rollercoaster, where the wins can be big, but so can the losses. Be careful.

I have to add that with this strategy, make sure you have an understanding of the markets you are getting into and get educated on the process. If you are giving your money to someone else to handle, do your due diligence!! There are some good advisors out there, but there are also many that do not have your best interest at heart.

This category is great for the established investor or entrepreneur. Someone who has made their money and now has excess to dabble with and create multiple streams of income, which is the ultimate goal.

Having said that if you have the money, and the understanding or background, surely you can give it a try.

Strategy 3: Leverage

This strategy is the most LUCRATIVE way of making money. It is making much better use of your time, automating systems, laying on the beach whiles the money falls into your bank account.

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