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Online canvas printing can seem to be a very daunting prospect for anyone who is considering touching up their photos. It is a big step from uploading them to Facebook to actually displaying them on high quality banksy canvas to be hung up on the walls of your home! Yet you will not regret it. So long as your photos are filled with colour and passion and emotion, they will look breathtaking when transferred onto canvas. Here are a few tips and tricks to make the process as straightforward as possible for you.

Step 1: Go through all your old photos

You might have an idea for online canvas printing that you can’t wait to upload and give the treatment to as soon as possible, but otherwise it is worth going carefully through all your photos from over the years. You might not think so at this stage, but you will undoubtedly find some specific images that simply blow you away. The power of a photo is sometimes mind-blowing and the light may just have caught your daughter’s face in the most precious and stunningly beautiful way, or perhaps there is a photo from your honeymoon of you and your husband or wife kissing at sunset. This activity will also rekindle old memories and get you in the mood to immortalise through online canvas printing those moments that mean so much to you!

Step 2: Choose the room and then the size

This may seem like an obvious tip but it could not be more crucial to the online canvas printing process. Before committing to the purchasing stage, take a moment to consider where your canvas artwork will be displayed in your home. It might look spectacular in the living room, or perhaps you would like to add some spice (!) to the kitchen, or maybe even you would like to put one in the bathroom. Make sure there is enough space on the wall to avoid having to rearrange things in the room. If there is not a square gap on the wall of the perfect size for a regular canvas, you could always choose panoramic canvas prints that are expansive and stretch horizontally somewhat like a border for a dramatic and energetic effect!

Step 3: Use the online canvas printing company as much as possible

You must remember that the service you use know all about the process and have done it many times before! So why not use them? They will be able to offer guidance on even the most trivial of problems and they may give you some inspiration for some great ideas for your canvas art. Perhaps you are in a dilemma about whether to convert your photos into a photo collage or 3 separate canvas prints? Or perhaps you are struggling to decide whether a Banksy effect or a Warhol Pop Art effect works best with your photo. Ask them about it! Online canvas printing companies are there for you for any question or query.

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