Refinishing Your Outdoor Furniture

When you are starting out you should make sure that there is no dirt and dust on the furniture. Remove all the rubber pads and other parts that can be easily removed, and you don’t want to be painted. It is a good idea to take off the metallic parts which can be removed and paint them separately, to make sure that you are getting paint in all the parts.

The next thing is to take a metal brush and brush the old paint and the possible signs of rust and corrosion. If you leave any rust in the furniture, you can be sure that they are going to start rusting from the inside out, faster than usual. With rust there is always air and moisture included, and that is the reason you should make sure that you get it all out.

It is a good idea to paint the furnitureFurniture delivery service London  in a garage to avoid the weather affecting the paint job. Once you have applied two or three coats you should use a smooth sand paper to make the surface rough and even and finish it with another coat of paint. Always apply carefully and in thin layers to avoid dripping. Once you are done, let your patio furniture dry completely and you are ready to take them back to the patio.

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