Things To Consider When Shopping For Cell Phone Headsets

For those interested in headset products, checking out the headset reviews online or in magazines is always a good first step when searching for that new device that will free up the hands and keep a crick out of the neck. The task can be daunting, however, when the consumer sees the innumerable choices of headsets he or she has to choose from.

Since one must always remember that not all headsets fit all phones, meaning compatibility must be taken into consideration, finding a friend who has the same phone and asking him or her what headset to use is a great first step. But that is sometimes difficult when not everyone is a social butterfly. In such a case, giving the store a call from which the phone was purchased is another great way to find a popular headset. That method will also ensure that the phone and cardboard vr headsets will go together, for the customer service representative will know what line of accessories match up with the phone of choice.

The most basic headset features need to be taken into account too, when trying to find that new way to work and talk at the same time. Some headsets have cords that go from the phone to the headset, others don’t, like Bluetooths, which tend to be some of the most tried and approved headsets, given their popularity. Some headsets, like the ones seen in infomercials or on stage attached to a pop singer’s ear, have a thing called a “boom.” Depending on the style one is going for, the boom can look tacky since it is basically a long, plastic tube that extends in front of the mouth from where the headset is attached to the ear. However, these boom microphones are great for customer service representatives with a lot of clients. The sound quality on these boom microphones are able to pick up the speaker’s voice without much interference from the noisy environment.

Pertaining to quality, the most cutting edge and highest quality headsets are usually going to be the most expensive. One particularly is the NoiZfree Beetle Bluetooth and goes for anywhere between $100 and $130, depending on where the purchase takes place. Not everyone needs all those extra options that an expensive headset model will provide. Generally, a headset that will undoubtedly do the job should run a consumer no greater than $50. And there are plenty that will do the trick that are not even that expensive.


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